Robbie Teehan

is an award-winning Canadian composer of music for film, TV, and  video games.   He has written music for major TV series Elementary and Jessica Jones, and scored gritty independent dramas and documentaries such as Scarborough, The Babushkas of Chernobyl, and Frame 394.

Robbie Teehan

is an award-winning Canadian composer of music for film, TV, and video games.   His credits include major TV series Elementary, Jessica Jones, and Homeland, and gritty independent dramas and documentatires such as Scarborough, The Babushkas of Chernobyl, and Frame 394.


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I Believe in the Transformative Power of Storytelling

The greatest moments of my career go unnoticed.  

These are the moments when the audience is so utterly and completely swept away by the story they are experiencing, that no part of them remains behind to “notice” how the music has guided them through it.

To be a musician is to hold the emotions of your audience in your hands; it’s both an honour and a sacred calling.  For this reason, whether the story is serious, playful, fanciful, scary, beautiful, sad, or full of love, I approach my task like a master chef who cooks with only the finest ingredients, tasting his meal at every step to ensure the flavours are perfect.

But I don’t mind if I don’t get applause or accolades; what I want is to be part of a story that matters, something that leaves the audience more hopeful, engaged with the world, connected with themselves, or dreaming bigger and more beautiful dreams than they were before.

If this resonates with you, I want to put my heart and soul into your project.

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“Loyalty, dedication, insane talent”
SEAN CALLERY // 4-time Emmy Award-winning composer (Homeland, 24, Designated Survivor, Elementary, Jessica Jones)

Robbie had been living in Los Angeles for only a few days when he arrived at my studio for his first shift working as my assistant back in the sweltering summer of 2015.   He was hoping to put off the the cost of an automobile for as long as possible, so his primary mode of transportation was his trusted bicycle (and he was always on time).  The only catch:  his bicycle commute was 55 minutes each way from my studio.  He was biking back and forth to work in 90+ degree weather on busy LA streets!  I only learned of his unique commute when I finally got around to asking him where he lived,  and he never once complained about it.  

I love sharing this story because it tells you everything you need to know about Robbie’s character.  His sense of loyalty and dedication is matched only by his insane talent as a musician and composer. The result was a studio running at peak efficiency with some great belly laughs along the way.   The only fires we ever put out were the ones I accidentally started because I wasn’t listening to him. 

I was very lucky to have met Robbie,  and I hope you will benefit as much from his energy and enthusiasm as I did.   

“Emotional, fresh, intelligent & authentic”

HOLLY MORRIS // Award-Winning Director (The Babushkas of Chernobyl)

Robbie’s wonderful score lifted our film considerably; his work was emotional, fresh, intelligent & authentic. And Robbie himself? – an amazingly hard-working colleague who cared about the film as much as I did.

“A collaborator in the truest sense”

RICH WILLIAMSON // Canadian Screen Award-nominated filmmaker (Scarborough, Thirty Eight Minutes, Take Light, Frame 394, The Sugar Bowl)

I first met Robbie while searching for a composer for “The Sugar Bowl”, a film I shot and  co-directed over two weeks in the Philippines with my production partner Shasha Nakhai. This project was very near and dear to both Shasha and I. It was our documentary debut and we fought hard at every stage to meet the level of quality exhibited by the films we admired in spite of our limited budget.

Robbie was very open with his ideas; he would listen and come up with themes on the spot, send his work for us to critique and, if we wanted to change it, he would be energized by our commitment to perfection, and excited for us to hear the next pass.

He’s a collaborator in the truest sense. Suffice to say, Robbie’s work on “The Sugar Bowl” was excellent and we’ve been working together ever since.  I continue to work with Rob not only for his strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to his projects, but because I can relate with him as an artist. 

“Whenever I’m in over my head, I call Robbie”

MARK MARCZYK // Bandleader, manager, singer, violinist, producer, impresario (Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Balaklava Blues, URGNT)

I’ve worked with Robbie for years in just about every sector of the music industry. We’ve shared festival stages, managed multi-month live tours spanning a dozen countries, captured field recordings in remote Romanian mountain villages, produced albums, wrote film scores, marketed and promoted releases, ran social media campaigns.

Every step of the way, I felt like I was in over my head. And even though our relationship was one of friends and colleagues, I always felt like I could lean on Robbie to guide me through it. It’s not that he always knew the answers, but he always knew where to find them and how to redirect my frustration and excitement into concrete and practical steps towards achieving results. That is invaluable.  I still reach out to Robbie when I need help figuring out some new problem in my career (and he always takes my call).

4-time nominee

Slaight Music Residency

Talent Campus Alumni

8-Time Nominee

A/V Composer Award

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