Film & TV Scoring Portfolio

Featured Project: Love Letters from Everest

Directed by: Celeste Koon

This charming, Wes-Anderson inspired animated documentary called for an orchestral score with a wide emotional range, from youthful adventure, to the sweeping beauty of the Himalayas, to the simple joys of sharing the details of your life with your beloved, to the aching of the heart to be re-united.

Featured Project: Into the Arctic Awakening

Directed by: Cory Trepanier

This feature documentary chronicles director-painter-explorer Cory Trepanier’s latest expedition into Canada’s Far North.  The orchestral-electronic hybrid score is appropriately epic, sweeping, and adventurous.

Featured Project: Frame 394

Directed by: Rich Williamson

This Oscar-shortlisted documentary digs deep into the viral narratives surrounding a controversial 2014 police shooting and the subsequent birth of Black Lives Matter.  The score is dark, ambient, electronic, and conveys an atmosphere of being swallowed by huge forces beyond your control.

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