“Scarborough” opened to limited theatrical release in Canada, and received 11 Canadian Screen Academy Award nominations including “Best Motion Picture”.

Excerpts of some media reviews:

“Tremendous coming-of-age drama Scarborough is a micro-budget masterpiece of Canadian film…will leave you with the urge to rise up and applaud” – The Globe and Mail

“Scarborough is a love letter you’ll love” – The National Post

“Scarborough is a beautiful movie… led by spellbinding performances from its child actors” – CBC

“Raw yet inspirational… the entire movie is infused with hope for the future” – Richard Crouse

“A bittersweet mixture that will pulverize your heart before putting it back together again” – HNMag

“A compelling, heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting tribute to this area of the city that gives the film its name” – The Joy of Movies